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Quitting the smokes

so in my previous article that I’ve written is vaping good or evil? I can honestly say after owning a vape and using it and trying an alternative method to stop smoking. I would highly recommend not using a vape, why do I say that? Because it still gives off for me at least the urge to want to have a cigarette. It’s still the whole oral fixation idea, that’s present. When you want to stop smoking and are serious about it. I would recommend the nicotine gum.  I’m currently on a Walgreens brand 4mg of the gum, and it really helps the craving. I’ve tried the patch before but it only lasted for so long before the itch for a craving came along. I’ve noticed once I started using the gum the use of my vape was decreased so much to the point where I don’t wake up in the morning and reach across my bed and immediately hit the vape.  I’ve noticed increased air flow in my breathing, almost the chance to the point where I’m ready to go for a run. Which is absolutely amazing. My biggest advice is if your going to use the nicotine gum. Use it as directed. And immediately if you have any cravings. Cause I know my triggers for nicotine is casually when a load of bs. Drops at my front door step haha.  Just remember the sooner you decide to quit smoking the sooner you will be smoke free and healthier. I do know the older you are and the long pro use of smoking will be harder to wean off.  And trust me don’t think it’s a fresh breathe of air for me to just go ahead and do this. It’s has its moments. And yes the first two weeks of quitting is the hardest. But the hardest one out of those days is day 1 itself. Best of luck and hope to you if you are planning on stopping smoking! Just tell yourself


you can do it! And even though you don’t know me. I believe in you. And believe in yourself. 🙂


kristin 🌷

Vaping? Good or evil?

I can remember it like yesterday. The first time having smoked a cigarette, I was away on a cruise ship. I was only 18! And I meet this seriously dashing Australian. Omg 😍 Lol words couldn’t describe how taken away I was with him. We meet on a cruise ship, and that’s where I tried my first cigarette, and unfortunately right than and there I was hooked. It’s been 5 years that I’ve been smoking and each day I regret it.

My New Years resolution was to quit smoking, so I purchased a vape to help quit smoking. So far I honestly don’t know how much it is helping, because I still crave cigarettes.

So so going back to my original topic statement, is vaping good or evil? Cause I was thinking about going on the nicotine patches in case vaping doesn’t work out for me. How bad is vaping really as it compares to a cigarette???

comments are appreciated:)<<<<


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

There’s only so many people in life that you come across by, while brilliant may be a strong word to describe someone. There’s only one brilliant mind that I know of.

When you meet someone brilliant. Just a heads up. Keep them close. Cause you’ll never know how much you’ll learn about them.


Whether you wake up on the left side, or the right side of the bed, your day really ends up mattering to some people. While you know it or not, your actions can have a incredible impact on people. So remember to always treat people with love, and kindness and respect, no matter what religion or ethnicity. Because you really don’t know what someone maybe going through in their own story, in their own life. So remember to treat everyone with love, kindness and respect. Because more than likely, in the end it’ll pay off and come back to you when you need it the most.

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There’s no real confession about who we love these days. Whether there family friends, or special someone(s) too.

My biggest confess is the letter id like to share with you, in the form of a poem.

To my dearest,
You are far, you are near, you are a part of me.
The things we shared will grow with me.
Even though we cannot be,
You and I will live in thee.
Ill count my blessings everyday,
and forgive you for all the things that came our way.
Letting you go was and is still hard.
But from that we will both grow.

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