Ha funny there’s a picture of a dog. Ive always wanted one. Growing up my parents never allowed me to have one. I’m an animal lover. A creative thinker. And possibly even inspirational to others. My name is Kristin This is my life of what’s it’s like being in your twenty-somethings. I am a hard working twenty-something year old, I work full time and Im striving to continue my education. Originally born in Ohio, I lived my entire life so far on the east coast, But im ready for my new adventure this 2018. I love country, pop, r&b music, and even rock. I like to live my life to the fullest, and hope that whoever I encounter will learn a great lesson from me, that somehow shapes their lives in the most positive way. Check out my every day blogs, and get reading. There’s going to be many different topics, many different things that ill talk about. Its practically my diary online. So why not let the world read it? Right? So adventure on in, and read my latest posts, they will all deliver some kind of message.

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